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Meet Annie Jump Cannon, who cataloged and ranked over 300,000 stars by their hotness

Maria Kirch was the first woman to discover a comet, but her husband took the credit

Galaxies are eating each other and the Milky Way might be next

Women in Astronomy

The Means of Doing Science

Women in Pharma

Time for Advocacy: Getting started with advocacy for high impact – Guest post


The Science of Solar Eclipses

The WTF Star: Alien Mega Structure or Mega Version of Jupiter System?

Curiosity Discovery Suggests Early Mars Environment Suitable for Life Longer Than Previously Thought

Cassini's Sacrifice

Once Thought Elusive, A Black Hole Will Get A Close-Up

Want to Watch History Burn? Check Out A Meteor Shower

A Short History of Fast Radio Bursts

A Spooky Story: How Science Became Science Fiction

Voice of America

During the summer of 2016 I worked at Voice of America in Washington, D.C. as a AAAS Mass Media Fellow. I wrote breaking science stories and created radio and TV pieces. Links to individual pieces that I found most exciting to write are listed below.

Hubble Space Telescope Gets a New 5-Year Contract -- A TV piece!!

Lake Tanganyika Ecosystem Sensitive to Climate Change

Researchers Find ‘Sign Post’ Toward New Way to Fight Roundworms

Deep Sea Abyss, New Mining Frontier, Harbors Unexpected Life

Avian Honeyguides Lead Human Hunters to Honey -- Radio piece below!

Study: Pregnant Women Pass On Flu-fighting Antibodies to Newborns -- Radio piece below!

Research: Dinosaurs Done In by One-Two Climate Punch -- Radio piece below!

Older Monkeys Get More Selective About Companions

Dealing with Dinosaurs Gave Mammals Night Vision

LISA Pathfinder Mission Exceeds Expectations

Milky Way Fades Away

Radio work

Avian Honeyguides Lead Human Hunters to Honey

Climate Change Not Expected to Increase Malaria Transmission in West Africa

Moms Pass on Flu Vaccine Benefits to Newborns

One-Two, Dead Dinosaurs

The Pipettepen at UNC-Chapel Hill

This blog was created by the Science Writing and Communication Club at UNC to give graduate students and postdocs experience in science writing and communication. Although I have graduated, I still contribute because I still learn a lot from writing and editing for my peers. A full list of my articles is available here. Links to individual articles that I am most proud of are provided below.

Understanding the Space of Space

Perseid Meteor Shower to Light Up Night Sky

Discovering New Horizons

The Balance of Earth’s Carbon Cycles

The Pillars of Creation and Destruction

Stirring the Ocean: How the Moon Mixes Things Up Beneath the Waves


In editing, it is important to keep the voice of the author. I do my best to focus on clarity of the message without imposing my own voice and views on the article.

The Pipettepen at UNC-Chapel Hill

Should Coconut Oil Be In Your Pantry

The Periodic Table of Elements Just Got Bigger

You Keep Using that Word. I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means.