Teaching Experience

2016-2017: Adjunct Faculty, WCU Physics, PHY100, PHY130 and PHY140 labs, Algebra based mechanics and E&M labs. Lecture course titled 'You Are Here: Finding Your Place in the Cosmos'. Students used telescopes in Chile to submit observations over the internet. They learned to analyze the images which necessitated an understanding of light, gravity and other laws of physics to learn about our place in the Universe.

2014 & 2009: Teaching Assistant, UNC-CH Physics, PHYS105L, Algebra based E&M labs.

2014: Teaching Assistant, UNC-CH Physics, PHYS117S, Calculus based E&M studio.

2013, 2011-2009: Teaching Assistant, UNC-CH Physics, ASTR101L,Introduction to Astronomy Lab: Our Place in Space.

2008 & 2005: Teaching Assistant, SFSU Physics, PHYS122, Algebra based E&M labs.

2004: Teaching Assistant,SFSU Physics, PHYS222, Calculus based Mechanics labs.

2001: Teaching Assistant,Dickinson College Physics, PHYS141, Algebra based Mechanics labs.

2001-2002: Instructor,Dickinson College Physics, Taught introductory physics to home-schooled children ages 13-17.