SciCom Consulting

Every scientific endeavor is a story worth telling. Your contributions to the narrative advance our collective knowledge. Every result -- null or significant -- adds another piece to the bigger scientific picture. The ultimate goal in science is to understand the world around us so we may interact with it beneficially, efficiently, and responsibly. I want to help you tell your story.

Everyone is interested in some aspect of science. All you need to do is find the piece of your scientific story that relates to us. My passions are finding relatable stories, seeing the big picture, and figuring out where your work fits into the grand pursuit of science.

I will take your academic papers and help you produce content that can be easily shared and read by everyone. A list of some of the content I can help you create is given below.

  • Social media posts (Tweets, FB posts, Instagram, Snapchat, etc)
  • A one minute 'elevator pitch'
  • A longer description, that can be used to pitch to media outlets
  • Summary for a website
  • Public talk to be given at a museum or school setting
  • YouTube videos, gifs, memes, etc.
After the content is created I will find places to promote your work. Not just social media and news outlets but libraries, museums, schools and other places that see heavy human traffic. I can also create fliers that advertise your expertise to hand out to media outlets so they come to you when they need an expert. I will provide a short questionnaire to gauge the effectiveness and reach of the content.

Examples of My Work

Coming soon!

Send me an email (stellarcontactcomm at with a request and we can discuss the details of your work and what content would be appropriate. I am offering one FREE Tweet that you can use to gauge the effectiveness of my product. A recent study just showed that your publication rates increase if you tweet about your research!