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Jo earned her Ph.D in Physics at UNC - CH in 2016. She studied whether star birth is completely shut off, toned down some or enhanced by interactions with 4 or more galaxies. She is currently an associate editor for Outpatient Surgery Magazine and formally an adjunct faculty member in the physics department at West Chester University. She is a 2016 AAAS Mass Media Fellow at Voice of America. She was part of the Engaging the Public in Science Workshop at the NC Museum of Natural Science and is also an Astronomy Ambassador for the American Astronomical Society. She was also a delegate of the Student Advocates for Graduate Education for three years where she lobbied on Capital Hill for graduate student issues such as research funding and student debt. In her free time, she pets her kitties Thelma and Louise, raises her daughters, Carina and Alessa, with the help of her partner, Ed, and writes about science.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Where Galaxies Live and How that Affects Star Birth

I gave a talk on my research at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. View it here!

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